Tree Trimming in Grand Prairie, TX

Trees that are regularly maintained grow healthier, increase the value of your home, and add curb appeal to your property. There are various reasons for wanting or needing to have your trees trimmed:


Trees can become very dangerous if they have been neglected, or if they have not been checked after a storm. Dead or broken branches can fall off at any time and cause damage to property and possibly persons or pets in the area. Branches which cross and rub on each other should be trimmed to prevent them from falling. Trees dropping branches onto roofs can damage the shingles which will deteriorate over time and eventually leak if left unchecked. Healthy tree branches touching a roof structure can quickly wear down your shingles.


You take pride in the appearance of your house, your car, and your yard. But many people allow their trees to just do their own thing because of the difficulty and hard work involved in properly caring for them. Maintaining the shape and appearance of a tree will add beauty to your landscape and add value to your property. Just check any Real Estate listing – Beautiful trees are one of the top selling points when property is being described. Let the trained staff at TreeTop Tree Service help you to get the most out of your trees appearance.


There are many insects and pathogens infecting trees - and even the roots of your trees. Keeping your trees healthy and properly nourished will allow the tree to fend off invading pathogens. Trees that are stressed after a drought can be victims of invading insects and pathogens for several years. Sometimes a tree can be pruned in order to save it by strategically pruning away affected branches and limbs. Crown thinning can improve airflow in a tree, which can be very beneficial. Carpenter ants use tree branches to gain access into your home and can cause a significant amount of damage. Injections can provide your trees with nourishment and insecticides. Deep root feeding can provide fertilization and can introduce mycorrhizae to the root system, which will assist the feeder roots in nutrient uptake. Sometimes trees that are not healthy pose a safety risk and need to be removed. Tree removal is one of our specialties.

Why choose a Professional Tree Service?

There are many fly-by-nighters in the area, as well as a few responsible well intended startups, especially in the Springtime and after storms pass through. The fly by nighters rarely have the proper training or insurance required to protect themselves or your property. They normally operate by driving around knocking on doors. Because they have not invested in proper training, equipment, and insurance, they will offer cheap prices and perform their services well below industry standards. They will typically ask for cash up front. Don’t just let any company prune your trees.

Unprofessional pruning techniques can damage branches, hinder tree growth, increase sun damage, weaken branches, and potentially cause disease. If they are offering you a cash price, they are likely not a legitimate business. If they cannot provide you with a certificate of insurance issued in your name for your address, issued by the Insurance company, they are likely not a legitimate business. If they show up with two guys in a truck and a chain saw, then they are probably not legitimate. Because tree services are not regulated in Texas, there are scores of these people out there competing with a few legitimate businesses. Many of the legitimate tree services are struggling to get by due to high overhead costs and having to lower their prices to compete with the fly by nighters.

Our Approach:

Proper pruning techniques involve much more than simply sawing off limbs. We take proper pruning very seriously at TreeTop Tree Service. We perform all pruning operations in accordance with the latest ANSI A300 tree care industry standards. In order to maintain our certification status, our ISA Certified Arborists stay up to date with the latest research-based techniques that can make a dramatic difference in health, structural integrity and aesthetic appearance of your trees.

TreeTop Tree Service is a professional, fully insured company dedicated to you, our customer. We never accept upfront payments for our services. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we will make it right. If we can’t make it right you owe us nothing. We provide a turn key approach to every job. We haul away all debris and will leave your property cleaner than it was when we arrived.

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